Workforce Development System

Personalized Programs for Work Readiness, Work Maturity, and Soft Skills

Give students the skills needed to search for and obtain employment, relate to and communicate with coworkers, adapt to work environments, and succeed in the workplace. Workforce Development combines subjective and objective assessment tools and self-paced instructional tutorials to assist students and learning managers in creating a personal employment portfolio.

Designed to coordinate with the Life Skills 25 curriculum, emphasizing soft skills development to help students understand and improve work relationships and work habits.

Ensures the work vocabulary, pre-employment skills, and work maturity skills that individuals need to succeed in any entry-level workplace.

Accessible, self-paced lesson content designed specifically for basic education settings (5th-6th grade reading levels).

How does it work? Read an excerpt πŸ“– from the Workforce Development Instructors Guide to learn more about how this program works.

Soft Skills development is essential for those seeking to change lives.

The Life Skills 25 curriculum is designed to integrate with the Workforce Development system. To learn more about the importance of soft skills development, go here.

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