Tools for Targeting TABE 11/12
Wednesday April 21st, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Central Time 

The Pace approach to teaching with TABE is a focus on the specific skills that are measured in each individual learner, as opposed to a focus on “levels of mastery” demonstrated by specific test levels, Scale Score ranges, or Scale Score improvements. An individualized approach and a focus on specific skills, especially when communicating progress with the learner, provides the best results.

This session is designed for basic education service providers using TABE 11/12 results for placement, tracking and reporting, or individualized instruction and those looking for effective resources for improving TABE scores. Join us in this webinar workshop to learn about the following:

    • Detailed review of TABE 11/12 objectives and sub-skills by test level
    • Understanding TABE diagnostic results using the TABE Test Translation
      • compare skill emphasis across TABE forms and levels (E, M, D)
      • connect TABE performances with CCR Anchor Standards and curriculum progress reports
      • enhance interpretation of TABE diagnostic reports with additional skill descriptors, including search and sort functions
      • quickly match student needs to available learning materials, including skill-specific Pace lessons and ‘mini-measures’
    • Effective communication of test results and involving students in the remediation process

We will review how to sign up (free) as a Pace Online Community Member, how to use the TABE Test Translation along with TABE diagnostic reports and TABE Skills Crosswalks, and how to access additional on-demand TABE training at