The Pace Approach to TABE Success, February 3

Pace has designed learning systems for TABE remediation since TABE 1&2 in the late 1960s. Pace programs continue to be refined and adapted, proving just as effective for the most recent generation of the tests, Forms 11/12.

The Pace approach to TABE success is a focus on the specific sub-skills that are measured in each individual learner, as opposed to a focus on “levels of mastery” demonstrated by specific test levels, Scale Score ranges, or Scale Score improvements. An individualized approach which focuses on specific sub-skills provides the best results, especially when communicating progress with the learner.

Pace tutorials are self-paced, employing a unique “programmed” format that ensures consistent progress. Pace systems work to not only develop basic skills efficiently, but also build confidence and independence in struggling or dependent learners. Pace objectives are well defined, skill specific, and are mapped to TABE 11/12 tests item-by-item. These features allow learning managers to precisely target deficient sub-skills, and they can more easily communicate progress with TABE test takers. Pace customers can use their TABE Test Translation to find specific, self-paced assignments from a TABE Individual Profile Report. Join this workshop to learn about the Pace Approach to TABE and explore what makes Pace programs so effective for TABE learning gains.

Free registration will be available beginning January 25th.

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