Dr. Susan McKee and Clint Massey will be exhibiting and presenting at the CEA International Summer Conference in Tampa, FL, August 28 – 31

We hope to see you there!

Pace will present the following workshops at the CEA International Summer Conference in Tampa, FL:

The Pace Method: Creating Success for Struggling Learners: 10:30 am – 11:45 am in Meeting Room 10

Inmate learners, particularly those with special learning needs, are more likely to be impatient in learning environments and more likely to be dependent on their teachers. The teacher, or learning manager, must provide constant feedback and positive reinforcement so learners can see their progress in a clear, concrete way. But above all, these learners need to ‘feel’ successful. Many carry a history of failure to the classroom and they expect to fail. The Pace Approach and design works to break learning into the smallest possible steps, then ensure learners are able to take one successful step after another to reverse this cycle of learning failure. Join us to learn about the Pace approach to learning system design, an approach developed under federally-funded research in correctional settings, which follows the motto “Nothing Teaches Like Success”.

Workshop Handout Materials Coming Soon

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