Pace Learning Systems’ President and CEO, Dr. Susan McKee will be attending and presenting at the 2017 ALAPCAE Summer Conference in Birmingham, AL, along with Clint Massey. Dr. McKee will be presenting “How to Teach Soft Skills.”

How to Teach Soft Skills: An astounding 85% of job success comes from well-developed soft skills and people skills, as opposed to “hard”, technical or academic skills. Nearly half of new hires fail in the first 18 months; only 11% of these new hires fail due to technical skills. Join Dr. Susan McKee, educational psychologist, to learn effective ways to employ simple strategies for soft skills instruction and assessment. Effective soft skills development in basic education programs requires adaptable resources, consistent evaluation, and individualized feedback and planning. This workshop will explore steps for teaching soft skills concepts in any basic education course. In addition, it will address methods for soft skills evaluation and for supporting students’ long-term soft skills development. Attendees will also have the opportunity to review a sample lesson from Pace’s Life Skills 25 curriculum.

Pace Learning Systems’ President and CEO, also Director of CEA Region VIII, Dr. Susan McKee will be attending and presenting at the 2017 CEA International Conference and Training Event in San Antonio, TX, along with Clint Massey. Dr. McKee, an educational psychologist, will be presenting on teaching and evaluating soft skills in the workshop titled “How to Teach Soft Skills.”

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