Systematic Learning Solutions Correlated with TABE

Pace has designed curriculum coordinated for use with TABE for nearly half a century. You can easily target TABE objectives using our skill-specific lesson titles and testing resources.

Pace lessons and “mini-measures” are designed in small steps. Each Pace lesson addresses a discrete skill, allowing the learning manager to precisely match Pace instruction with deficiencies in skills and sub-skills tested on TABE Tests.

To learn more about how these programs correlate with TABE, review our scope and sequence and correlations on the customer resources page or learn more about Pace’s TABE Test Translation.

Pace Packages for TABE Level E-D

Everything Needed for Efficient TABE Remediation:

Levels E, M, and D (2nd-9th)

A combination of Pace materials from multiple Pace systems, including everything needed for efficient TABE remediation at Levels E-D – closely coordinated with TABE sub-skills by test item.

At Your Own Pace Series

Bridging the Gap from Literacy to Basic Education

(2nd-5th; TABE E, M)

A self-paced series that โ€œbridges the gapโ€ from literacy to basic education โ€“ teaches essential Reading, English, and Math skills at low reading levels (RFL 3.0-5.9), and develops independence and self-pacing skills required for quick progress in basic education courses.

Accelerated Learning Lab

Comprehensive, Individualized Basic Skills Education

(5th-HSE; TABE M, D, A)

A prescriptive, interactive, and highly effective self-paced basic education curriculum that consists of self-contained learning systems in 8 core academic areas (RFL 5.0-12.5). Closely coordinated with TABE, CASAS, CCRS, and HSE tests.

Need Help? Many times, the best solution for a given program is a mix of different learning systems that reach unique students in unique ways. Contact us any time at (800) 826-7223 to learn more about customized solutions for your class or school.

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