Recent Webinar Session 1

Life Skills 25: Flexible Tools and Methods for Soft Skills Development

This session is over (January 11, 2024)

Are you interested in developing soft skills effectively and consistently in basic education settings? Join Dr. Susan McKee, educational psychologist, and Pace to learn more about teaching soft skills and evaluating soft skills performance.

  • Learn why soft skills are just as important as academic credentials and technical skills in basic education settings.
  • Explore simple, effective steps for teaching soft skills concepts in basic education classrooms.
  • Learn various strategies for supporting long-term soft skills development (beyond the classroom).
  • Review Pace’s soft skills curriculum, Life Skills 25.

This workshop will focus on learning/teaching methods applicable to a wide range of education settings, functioning levels, and program objectives, regardless of curricula.

Dr. Susan McKee, President/Owner
Clint Massey, Business Development

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