Soft Skills Development in State Prison

Folsom: Pace Life Skills 10th Anniversary

This session is over (January 11, 2024)

Offenders who develop strong soft skills during rehabilitation have a better chance at reducing their sentence, succeeding in re-entry, and gaining meaningful employment. In a correctional setting, inmate peer facilitators can help correctional educators relate lessons in soft skills to other offender learners. Peer facilitators can also extend soft skills programs beyond the classroom.

This workshop will focus on the ten-year evolution of a Pace Life Skills program at Folsom State Prison – a voluntary leisure-time activity that boasts a waiting list of nearly 200! Join Dr. Susan McKee and Pace to learn about this inspiring program from the inmate Life Skills Facilitators at Folsom, who will be our guest speakers.

Dr. Susan McKee, President/Owner
Folsom SP, Pace Life Skills Facilitators
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