At Your Own Pace Series

Bridging the Gap from Literacy to Basic Education

(2nd-5th; TABE E, M)

A self-paced series that “bridges the gap” from literacy to basic education – teaches essential Reading, English, and Math skills at low reading levels (RFL 3.0-5.9), and develops independence and self-pacing skills required for quick progress in basic education courses.

Pace Learning Systems has a passion for student success. Since 1977, we have designed learning systems that reach struggling learners in basic education settings. The Pace Approach ensures success in small steps, creates a work process that encourages student independence, and provides the learner a clear path to quick, consistent progress.

Accelerated Learning Lab

Comprehensive, Individualized Basic Skills Education

(5th-HSE; TABE M, D, A)

A prescriptive, interactive, and highly effective self-paced basic education curriculum that consists of self-contained learning systems in 8 core academic areas (RFL 5.0-12.5). Closely coordinated with TABE, CASAS, CCRS, and HSE tests.

We believe that Nothing Teaches Like Success. Utilizing a student-centered, personalized learning model, we offer solutions to help you address the diversity of your students’ backgrounds and needs. The experience of consistent learning success is a key ingredient in any effective education model, and Pace programs are engineered to promote and support consistent success.

Life Skills 25

Personal and Interpersonal Soft Skills Development

(RL 5th-7th)

A comprehensive “soft-skills” curriculum that develops a set of 25 core personal and interpersonal soft skills. Life Skills 25 is organized in three series: Self-Development, Achieving Personal Goals, and Interpersonal Skills, and is adaptable to a wide range of students in different settings.

Need Help? Many times, the best solution for a given program is a mix of different learning systems that reach unique students in unique ways. Contact us any time at (800) 826-7223 to learn more about customized solutions for your class or school.

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