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Pace Mini Modules, Social Studies, World History


3 copies of each lesson title, 5 copies of the Social Studies System Pretest, and reproducible Mastery Tests Forms (A and B).

Assessment and Management Materials:
World History Mastery Tests, Form A
World History Mastery Tests, Form B
World History Mastery Test Answer Keys
Social Studies Pretest/Posttest Answer Sheet
Social Studies Pretest (x5)
Social Studies Pretest Answer Key

CSS4210 Settlement and Expansion (x3)
CSS4300 Early Civilizations (x3)
CSS4301 Aegean Civilizations: Ancient Greece and Rome (x3)
CSS4310 Europe: The Dark Ages (x3)
CSS4311 Europe: The Crusades through Political Change (x3)
CSS4320 Renaissance Europe: Part One (x3)
CSS4321 Renaissance Europe: Part Two (x3)
CSS4330 Colonizing the New World (x3)
CSS4340 Upheaval and Changes in Europe: Part One (x3)
CSS4341 Upheaval and Changes in Europe: Part Two (x3)
CSS4350 World War I and its Aftermath (x3)
CSS4351 World War II and its Aftermath (x3)
CSS4360 Europe After World War II (x3)
CSS4361 Asia and the Middle East after World War II (x3)
CSS4362 Africa after World War II and Global Issues (x3)

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