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Pace Mini Modules, Social Studies, Geography


3 copies of each lesson title, 5 copies of the Social Studies System Pretest, and reproducible Mastery Tests Forms (A and B).

Assessment and Management Materials:
Geography Mastery Tests, Form A
Geography Mastery Tests, Form B
Geography Mastery Test Answer Keys
Social Studies Pretest/Posttest Answer Sheet
Social Studies Pretest (x5)
Social Studies Pretest Answer Key

CSS4100 Using Geographic Tools (x3)
CSS4110 Continents and Countries (x3)
CSS4110B Continents and Countries Maps Resource Book (x3)
CSS4120 Geographic Features (x3)
CSS4120B Geographic Features Maps Resource Book (x3)
CSS4130 Physical Characteristics (x3)
CSS4140 Geography and Humans (x3)
CSS4200 The States (x3)
CSS4200B The States Maps Resource Book (x3)

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