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Pace Mini Modules, Social Studies, American History


3 copies of each lesson title, 5 copies of the Social Studies System Pretest, and reproducible Mastery Tests Forms (A and B).

Assessment and Management Materials:
American History Mastery Tests, Form A
American History Mastery Tests, Form B
American History Mastery Test Answer Keys
Social Studies Pretest/Posttest Answer Sheet
Social Studies Pretest (x5)
Social Studies Pretest Answer Key

CSS4400 Colonial America (x3)
CSS4410 The American Revolution (x3)
CSS4420 A New Nation (x3)
CSS4430 Era of Expansion (x3)
CSS4440 American Unrest (x3)
CSS4441 A House Divided (x3)
CSS4450 The Civil War (x3)
CSS4460 A Growing Nation (x3)
CSS4470 World War I and Its Aftermath (x3)
CSS4471 The New Deal and World War II (x3)
CSS4480 The Cold War (x3)

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