Post Webinar Survey and Resources

Thanks for joining us! We truly appreciate your interest and value your feedback.

Please complete the brief survey below for “Tools and Tips for Soft Skills Evaluation” (February 14, 2024).

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    Rate each statement about the webinar session from "1 (Strongly Disagree)" to "5 (Strongly Agree)." If you are unsure about a particular item, use "0 (Neutral)." Add any additional comments, concerns. or suggestions you may have at the end of the survey.

    1. The information presented met my expectations; in other words, session information matched the session description/advertisement well.

    2. The information presented can be applied in my class to improve results with my students.

    3. The information presented was easy to follow and easy to understand; I don't have any unanswered questions.

    4. The interactive polls used were helpful, and they made the session more effective.

    5. The presentation style was clear, easy to hear, and easy to understand.

    6. The presentation rate/pace was appropriate: the flow of information was not 'too slow' or 'too fast.'

    7. I had no technical difficulty in registering, connecting, or participating in this webinar.

    8. I am interested in using Pace products in my program or with my students and would like to receive a virtual sample

    9. I know colleagues who might be interested in this presentation.

    If you would like a follow-up phone call from Pace, check this box.

    Thanks again for joining us!

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