Welcome to the CDCR-OCE Resources Page. This page is dedicated to announcements and resources specifically for CDCR-OCE schools, for using the supplemental Pace Learning curriculum.

If you do not have access to your Pace files, contact Clint Massey immediately at (205) 535-9759 to have a link or disc sent that can be used to access the Pace curriculum. Download links or discs can be sent to any education staff at a CDCR institution.

We have recently completed 3 regional on-site training workshops (October 2018), with over 60 participants representing nearly all California State Prisons. If you were not able to attend a training workshop, you can find out which participants attended from your school or request one-on-one or ongoing webinar training in Pace, by contacting Clint Massey at (205) 535-9759 or ctmassey@pacelearning.com

You can also access the training guide used during our workshops at the following link: Pace Training Guide 2018 

New resources requested at the training workshops, including updated correlations and Pace lesson text complexity data, will be available on this page soon. Below you can access the Pace Scope and Sequence, current correlations, and more.