PaceWare Getting Started Video

Pace has developed a new online learning management system! PaceWareprovides online access to Pace diagnostic testing, self-paced tutorial lessons, and mastery testing, including reporting and time tracking, all in a format that maintains the unique ‘programmed’ work process which makes Pace so effective.

Active pilots are running and we are currently looking for additional candidate sites to pilot the new system! Ideal participants fit all or most of the following descriptors:

  • Has at least 5 students, testing at TABE Level E, M, or D, who would be enrolled and active in PaceWare
  • Needs additional remedial tools (assessment tools and/or instructional lessons) for use with basic education students from 4th-9th grade functioning levels
  • Willing to communicate with Pace representatives bi-weekly, to provide feedback and/or test specific application features
  • Willing to complete two Extended Response Feedback Surveys involving your experience with the application, comparison with alternatives, or regarding specific features

NOTE: Actual pilot timeframes are flexible and may vary. Pilot participants receive zero-cost, unlimited access to PaceWare content for the duration of their pilot period.

If you are interested in this pilot program and fit the example site description provided above, click the button below to complete your application and get started today!

Questions? Contact Clint Massey at 205-535-9759 or

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