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The PaceSetter is a historical newsletter (1995-2008) published by Pace Learning Systems. The PaceSetter was retired in 2008, and archived issues can be found below.

Dr. Susan McKee and Clint Massey at Pace have re-created The PaceSetter as a regular “Pace staff blog,” which will focus in long-form writing on issues important to our mission. Upcoming topic categories, while not limited, will include: adult basic education/andragogy, community literacy, soft skills development, work readiness training, basic skills fluency, self-paced learning, feedback in learning and teaching, mastery learning and its benefits, and many others.

We hope the PaceSetter Blog is a place we can help define our approach to education, and we hope you will find value in our thoughts. We’d love to know what you think!

September 2023

Why are soft skills so much harder than “hard” skills?

Topic Category: Soft Skills Development

PaceSetter Archive

Archived below are selected historical issues of the PaceSetter Newsletter, retired in 2008:

Volume 20, Issue 1
Volume 24, Issue 1
Volume 24, Issue 2
Volume 25, Issue 2
Volume 26, Issue 2
Volume 27, Issue 1
Volume 28, Issue 1
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