AYOP Scope and Sequence, Introduction to Synonyms

Reading At Your Own Pace, Lesson 105 – Introduction to Synonyms

Recognizing and using synonyms, words that are the same or almost the same in meaning

Recognizing the synonym pairs in this lesson: big, large; remain, stay; beside, next to; raise, lift; finish, complete; actually, really; close, shut; cozy, comfortable; tiny, little; collect, gather; tiny, small; exchange, trade; mad, angry; purpose, aim; cent, penny; winner, champion; listen, heartap, knock; begin, start; trash, garbage; sea, ocean; couples, pairs; gift, present; awful, terrible; shore, beach; applaud, clap; pitch, throw; stare, watch; foolish, silly; order, command; soil, dirt; pattern, design; speak, talk; twist, turn


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