Spelling Scope and Sequence, Advanced Consonant Sounds

Spelling Standard II, Advanced Spelling

Lesson 210, Advanced Consonant Sounds

Knowing that the soft c is usually followed by the vowels e or i (spruce)

Knowing that the hard c is usually followed by the vowels a or o (calendar)

Understanding which have the eks sound are spelled ex (extra)

Understanding which words have the egz sound are also spelled ex (exaggeration)

Knowing that you use exc only when you hear the sound of s (exciting)

Knowing some common words with silent consonants: silent b – bomb, doubt, plumber; silent c – scissors, ascent, crescent; silent h – rhyme, rhubarb, ghastly; silent t – soften, wrestle, rustle; silent w – wring, wreckage, answer

Knowing that consonants are usually doubled in order to signal that the vowel preceding the doubled consonant is short


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