Spelling Scope and Sequence, Beginner Compounds and Homophones

Spelling Standard I, Basic Spelling

Lesson 120, Beginner Compounds and Homophones

Knowing words made of two smaller words are called compounds

Knowing to spell the smaller words first and then put the words together

Knowing card+board = cardboard

Knowing down+town = downtown

Knowing hand+made = handmade

Knowing rail+road = railroad

Understanding common word endings

Understanding these common suffixes: -ance: appear+ance = appearance; -ion: destruct+ion = destruction; -ment: appoint+ment = appointment

Understanding that when –ed is added to most words that end in a single consonant, you double the consonant before the –ed: drop+ed = dropped snap+ed = snapped slam+ed = slammed cram+ed = crammed

Understanding the common prefix un- : Un+clear = unclear Un+certain = uncertain

Understanding that there are words that sound alike but are not spelled alike (These words are called homophones.)

Knowing a list of some common homophones: mane / main, haul / hall, stair / stare, some / sum, pear / pair, pail / pale


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