Social Studies Scope and Sequence, World War I and Its Aftermath

Social Studies Standard III, World History

Lesson 350, World War I and Its Aftermath

Understanding the alliances before World War II

Knowing the sides during World War I

Knowing how the countries joined World War I

Understanding nationalism

Understanding trench warfare

Understanding how Fascist leaders gained control of European countries

Understanding Russia’s government after the Revolution

Knowing the role of the U.S. in World War I

Understanding who Mussolini was

Understanding the sides of the Spanish Civil War

Understanding the causes of World War I

Knowing how World War I ended

Understanding the technological improvements during World War I

Understanding Japan before World War II

Understanding the effects of the Great Depression

Understanding German leadership after World War I

Understanding Hitler’s plans for Germany

Understanding Hitler’s ideas about race

Knowing what concentration camps were

Understanding the German and Italian alliance


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