Social Studies Scope and Sequence, Europe: The Crusades Through Political Change

Social Studies Standard III, World History

Lesson 311, Europe: The Crusades Through Political Change

Knowing the purpose of the Crusades

Knowing the major events of the Crusades

Knowing some of the results of the Crusades

Knowing who Pope Urban II was

Knowing who Peter the Hermit was

Understanding the reasons for the Magna Carta

Understanding the major general provisions of the Magna Carta

Understanding the historical significance of the Magna Carta

Knowing who King John of England was

Knowing who Henry III was

Knowing the cultural changes that occurred during the Middle Ages

Knowing some significant economic changes that occurred after the Crusades

Understanding how the Black Death affected Europe

Knowing the High Middle Ages lasted from about 1100 AD to about 1400 AD

Understanding the role of monks and the Church

Knowing works of literature written during the Middle Ages such as Beowulf, The Song of Roland, and the legends of King Arthur

Understanding the development of universities

Knowing the first university was founded in Bologna, Italy, around 1100 AD

Knowing Dante wrote The Divine Comedy

Understanding the Gothic style of architecture

Knowing what illuminated manuscripts were

Understanding the rise of the merchant class


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