Science Scope and Sequence, Cutting Edge Science

Science Standard VI, Earth and Space Science

Lesson 650, Cutting Edge Science

Knowing what bioethics is

Knowing what cloning is

Knowing what genetic engineering is

Knowing what stem cell research is and that it is a contentious issue in bioethics

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and Leukemia

Knowing what environmental ethics are

Knowing who Rachel Carson is and what Silent Spring was responsible for

Knowing what eutrophication is

Understanding that physics has allowed society to create electricity to power lights, computers, and appliances; to use magnets to see inside the human body and cure diseases; to build rockets that can take us to the Moon; and to improve communication with the use of cellular phones, satellites, and the Internet

Understanding that electricity can be produced from burning coal

Understanding the following power sources: hydroelectric power, nuclear energy, and wind power

Knowing what an MRI machine is and what it is used for

Understanding that the study of earth science has allowed society to better predict and prepare for hurricanes and tornadoes; to determine the best places to build houses, stores, and bridges; to find important resources such as oil and coal under the ground; and to discover clues about the history of our planet

Knowing about Hurricane Charley which hit Florida in August 2004

Understanding that earth science helps determine good and bad places to build houses


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