Science Scope and Sequence, Environmental Issues

Science Standard VI, Earth and Space Science

Lesson 630, Environmental Issues

Understanding how humans have impacted ecosystems

Recognizing that humans have put their environmental support system at risk through pollution and environmental hazards

Identifying environmental issues that put people on a local and a global level in danger

Listing the gases which help in creating the greenhouse effect

Identifying and explicating the dangers to the ozone layer, including smog, acid rain, and the burning of coal

Explaining how pollutants can affect living systems

Understanding the necessity of irrigation for the food supply

Understanding the necessity of fresh water

Recognizing oil spills and pollution as destructive to the environment

Recognizing the importance of the EPA and the importance of its motto: โ€œReduce, Reuse, Recycle.โ€

Recognizing that education is the most important factor in the prevention and control of pollution

Explaining how individuals are capable of reducing and reversing their impact on the environment through thinking, planning, collaboration, and action

Understanding the importance of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act


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