Science Scope and Sequence, The World of Scientists

Science Standard II, The Science Process

Lesson 201, The World of Scientists

Knowing that scientists present their work and findings truthfully to the public

Knowing that scientists have a sense of responsibility for their work

Knowing that scientists allow other scientists to review their work

Knowing that a positive attitude is important when studying science

Knowing that scientists show a positive attitude toward learning and experiencing science, conserving natural resources, using scientific inquiry as a way of thinking and problem solving, and toward the importance of the contributions of science and technology in shaping society

Knowing that scientists try to control conditions to get evidence

Knowing what a variable is

Knowing the ways ideas, opinions, and theories can be developed: using reasoning skills, engaging in library research, and discussing views with other students and experts

Understanding that good research resolves competing explanations and shows where you agree or disagree with others

Understanding that scientists have different needs based on the types of research they do, but all scientists collect information about the universe

Knowing that there are many types of scientists, and they all collect information according to established rules that all scientists accept

Knowing that products are things we buy or use to make our lives easier and better

Knowing the two types of research: basic, which is research to find new knowledge, and applied, which makes current knowledge useful in the world

Understanding that scientists use their research to discover new knowledge, create new technologies, or improve new technologies

Knowing that scientists need outside financial help, from government or private industries, to perform their research

Knowing some of the various government departments that fund scientific research

Knowing that governments work with colleges and universities to conduct research

Understanding that scientific work has helped improve many facets of society

Knowing that scientists with common goals often work together, but that they must also refrain from becoming biased

Knowing that scientists search for the truth and must always remain objective


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