Science Scope and Sequence, Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Part 2

Science Standard I, Science Thinking

Lesson 151, Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Part 2

Understanding that while science and technology have given us some great benefits, they sometimes create new problems

Understanding why it is important to keep our environment safe

Understanding pollution and how we are trying to prevent it

Understanding the importance of preserving the ozone layer

Knowing what contamination is

Knowing that land and water can be contaminated by pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers

Understanding that scientists continually study ways to make motor vehicles safer

Knowing that seat belts and air bags were developed to make driving safer

Understanding that public health is another great concern for scientists

Understanding that scientists monitor our food and drinking water

Knowing that scientists are continually trying to find ways to make the Internet more secure

Knowing about hackers and cyber crime


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