Reading Scope and Sequence, World Literature

Reading Standard VI, Literary Skills

Lesson 635, World Literature

Analyzing the relationship between contemporary writing and past literary traditions

Understanding major cultural, religious, philosophical, and political influences on the literature of a given period or culture

Gaining insight into human behavior from the study of literature

Identifying, comparing, and responding to world literature that represents the experiences and traditions of diverse ethnic groups

Demonstrating an understanding of the effects of literary elements and techniques in culturally diverse written texts

Demonstrating a basic understanding of culturally diverse written texts

Comparing and contrasting universal literary themes within and between texts

Understanding that language usage is shaped by social, cultural, and geographical differences

Analyzing distinctive elements (recurrent themes, historical significance, literary techniques) of ancient and world literature

Analyzing a diversity of ideas generated by authors of different races, beliefs, genders, ages, etc.

Making connections with real-world situations and the human experience through world literature

Evaluating literary works for historical significance (world); understanding interaction between culture and literary works

Analyzing how works of a given period reflect historical events (world)

Demonstrating the ability to analyze and critically evaluate culturally diverse written texts and visual representations


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