Reading Scope and Sequence, Author’s Style

Reading Standard VI, Literary Skills

Lesson 620, Author’s Style

Recognizing and identifying differing style techniques

Analyzing various genres as records of life experiences

Analyzing the effects of an author’s life, culture, and philosophical assumptions and an author’s purpose and point of view

Explaining how imagery in a given piece of writing reveals an author’s purpose

Comparing and contrasting an author’s word choice and syntax within text

Comparing and contrasting author’s word choices and syntax in two or more texts

Paraphrasing and synthesizing ideas of several authors on one topic. In response to test questions, the student may be asked to summarize, paraphrase, analyze, and evaluate texts, and compare and contrast findings from two or more texts

Selecting and using effective characteristics of quality literature to refine personal communication style

Distinguishing between formal and informal styles of language and identifying dialect

Analyzing effectiveness, contribution (cultural, regional, historical), and appropriateness of dialect and diction in print and non-print sources


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