Reading Scope and Sequence, Educational Applications

Reading Standard V, Life-Oriented Terms and Symbols

Lesson 510, Educational Applications

Defining terms common to the education section of a job application: attended, enrolled, elementary or grade school, middle school, junior high school, high school, post-secondary schooling, name of school or school name, location of school, dates attended, courses, credit, grade level, degree or diploma, grade point average, transcript, extracurricular activities, class standing, training

Defining terms related to financing one’s schooling: tuition, student loan, financial aid, tuition waiver, grant, scholarship

Identifying information written in a particular sections of a check

Identifying correctly written dollar amounts on a check

Defining terms related to banking: bank account, automated teller, automated loan payment, deposit or credit, withdrawal or debit, savings account, interest, penalty, checking account, check, account number, withdrawal/deposit slip, check stub, check register, balance/balance forward/new balance, deduction, bank charges, currency, net deposit, endorsing a check, buying on credit, annual percentage rate (APR), mortgage, loan balance, finance charges, asset, liability, net worth

Matching items of personal information with the appropriate line on a deposit slip

Matching items of personal information with the appropriate line on a credit card application

Defining terms related to coursework: transfer, prerequisite


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