Reading Scope and Sequence, Research and Research Projects

Reading Standard IV, Reference Skills

Lesson 470, Research and Research Projects

Expanding and refining comprehension of varied texts, technical materials, complex narratives, and reference sources

Explaining how to identify, examine, synthesize, and evaluate to obtain information.

Explaining how to read critically, ask pertinent questions, recognize assumptions and implications, and evaluate ideas.

Gathering research data from a variety of sources to formulate, substantiate, or refute opinions or theories

Uses research process: selecting topic, formulating questions, identifying key words, choosing sources, skimming, note-taking, organizing and presenting

Citing references using various formats (endnotes, bibliography)

Recognizing styles of documentation (MLA, APA, etc.)

Interpreting texts with supportive explanations to generate connections to real-life situations and other texts (business, technical, scientific)

Recognizing the differences between plagiarizing, paraphrasing, and summarizing


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