Pace Mini Modules


Pace has announced a variety of new pricing and packaging options, for more targeted applications of Pace curricula.

Pace Mini Modules allow you to apply Pace resources in targeted skill areas and build a custom Pace system suited for your class and students.

(5th-HSE Reading Level Range)

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Reading Mini Modules
(5th-HSE Reading Level Range)
  • Vocabulary Skills – 10 Topics
  • Comprehension Skills – 13 Topics
  • Abbreviations and Contractions – 6 Topics
  • Research and Reference Skills – 14 Topics
  • Forms/Consumer Applications – 8 Topics
  • Literary Skills – 9 Topics
  • Reading Passages – 8 Topics

How does it work? Review the Sample Component List for this item to see the exact components included. These sets offer targeted Pace lessons, organized to address specific standards within Pace Subject Area Sets. Mini Modules include the Reproducible Mastery Tests (Forms A and B) for included lesson titles. Mini Modules are ideal for customers who use Pace in smaller settings, as a supplemental remedial resource, as a ‘prerequisite checklist’, or as a base for a customized Pace System.

Mini Module Sets include 3 copies of each lesson title, 5 copies of the System Pretest, and reproducible Mastery Tests Forms (A and B).

Mini Modules are available in Reading, Language, Basic Math, Advanced Math, Writing, Science, and Social Studies:

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