“Tools for Soft Skills Evaluation in Adult Basic Education”

Dr. Susan McKee and Clint Massey, February 2017

Explore different approaches to soft skills evaluation and assessment in basic education programs. This session will focus on defining which soft skills to teach and assess, and selecting the best combination of methods and tools to evaluate and document learning needs and soft skill acquisition on a personalized basis. This session is designed for adult basic education service providers and those who have attended our previous session, “How to Teach Soft Skills in Basic Education.”

What are the types of assessments available to measure soft skills?

How do available instruments align with my goals for my program?

What are some of the issues to consider about assessment tools: cognitive measures, self-reports, and performance measures?

How do I use ongoing performance observation for program adjustment, individualized feedback/planning, and meaningful documentation?

If you would prefer to view this session offline, email Clint Massey to receive a downloadable copy.