The Individualized Reading Instructional System (IRIS)
Developmental Literacy and Beginning Reading for Adults

Four learning tracks provide targeted, individualized instruction for each student.

  • Placement procedures according to TABE® and other standardized measures ensures students are in the appropriate reading track for a comfortable challenge.
  • Four tracks, each of which progresses the student one grade level (0.0-4.9). Instruction and assessment contains employment and life-oriented content appropriate for adults.
  • Each student moves through the system independently and at their own pace.

Systematically-designed skill sequences ensure mastery and retention.

  • Short, sequential lessons require active responding and ensure each student regularly experiences successful task completion.
  • Four tracks of reading mastery: Reading Readiness, Vocabulary Expansion, Reading Longer Passages, and Inferential Reading Skills
  • Students achieve mastery in each skill in a systematic fashion with consistent feedback along the way.
  • Built-in tests offer constant evaluation so mastery of skills can easily be evaluated by the instructor.

Program design and management tools provide ease of use for teachers and volunteers.

  • Up to 10 students with varying reading abilities can be managed simultaneously by a single instructor.
  • Instructor’s Guide provides step-by-step lesson plans for every lesson.
  • Easily used – and reused – by paraprofessionals, volunteers, or peer tutors.
  • Remote tutor testing and certification available.
  • Computers with headphones are required.

“My favorite aspect of Pace is how easily each component is broken down. Students are given immediate feedback and are given ample opportunities for practice. Thus far, we have had 100% success using Pace Learning Systems.”
Graduation Coach, Petal, MS