Pace offers proven effective, step-by-step lesson tutorials, specially designed for self-paced basic education at 3rd-9th grade reading levels. Pace objectives provide targeted remediation for all major tests and standards, including TABE 11/12, GED, HiSET and TASC. Customize your Pace Learning System from nearly 300 discrete skill topics in all core academic areas for only $3-5 per lesson book

Our TABE 11/12 Test Translation provides a wealth of additional information on TABE test content, like connections between TABE Skills and CCR Anchor Standards and exact TABE sub-skills tested on each test item (Levels E, M, and D).

Sign up free today and use this resource to see emphasis of sub-skills on TABE 11/12 and build a more accurate, efficient study schedule from TABE Diagnostic results…

Pace promotes student success by breaking down the learning process into small, manageable steps. Our learning systems are specially designed to precisely identify skill gaps, ensure consistent progress, and develop self-pacing and independent learning skills. Pace combines a simple, five-step system of learning management with a unique, “programmed” instructional design to achieve these benefits…

The cycle of learning success changes lives. Utilizing student-centered and personalized learning models, we offer solutions to help you address the diversity of your students’ backgrounds and needs. Students in Pace Learning Systems’ programs experience consistent success from their very first lesson, learning independence and acquiring behaviors to help them reach their goals.

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