Giving the Gift of Life Skills

Emerging from the social limitations, restrictions, and increased isolation associated with the coronavirus pandemic has revealed an increased need for soft skills development. To support and promote high-quality soft skills development programs, Pace has recently gifted four (4) complete sets of the Life Skills 25 curriculum, as part of our spring conference activities!

The fifth and final Life Skills Drawing of 2023 has been completed, and the lucky winner has been announced!

Hear more about the urgent importance of soft skills development from this year’s entries…

2023 Life Skills Drawing Prize Winners

Online Drawing (June/July)

CEA Region 1 Conference
Niagara Falls, NY, May 9-11

GDC Education and Reentry Training Conference
Savannah, GA, April 17-19

Pennsylvania CEA Conference
State College, PA, April 12-14

COABE Conference 2023
Atlanta, GA, April 2-5

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