Dr. Susan P. McKee, President/Owner

Dr. Susan P. McKee is President and CEO of Pace Learning Systems. Susan is dedicated to developing high quality basic skills remediation and employability training materials. She joined Pace Learning Systems in 1978 because she identified with the company’s purpose of designing instructional programs that were individualized and tailored to the needs of learning disabled and at-risk students.

Dr. McKee began her career teaching students with learning disabilities. She left the classroom to obtain her doctorate in educational psychology and to better serve non-traditional students. As it often does, fate intervened, and Susan met John McKee at an American Psychological Association meeting. After learning about John’s work and how well programmed learning worked with learning disabled students, Susan took a position with Pace as a trainer and quickly became involved in Research and Development efforts. Susan and John were ultimately married. Together, Susan and John represent over 85 years experience and dedication to helping others succeed. Susan now serves as the President of Pace Learning Systems and continues to work with struggling students.

Susan believes that many social problems of students are due to academic failure. This belief and evidence she witnessed convinced her that the “fail-safe” approach employed by Pace Learning was the solution to many of the difficulties facing educators. Since joining Pace Learning Systems, Dr. McKee has developed learning systems that personalize basic skill remediation, permitting students to work at their own optimal rate and learn much more than in traditional classrooms. She has demonstrated that struggling students can succeed in academic performance and that their self-esteem can be greatly enhanced by successful learning experiences.

Dr. McKee also serves as the Executive Director of the Institute for Social and Education Research (ISER). Dr. McKee holds a doctoral degree from the University of Alabama in Educational Psychology. Her earlier degrees include an M.A. in Counseling and Guidance and an M.A. in Child Clinical Psychology.

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Susan P. McKee, PhD, President/CEO



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