Accelerated Learning Lab (ALL) Curriculum

Prescriptive, Self-Paced Programs for Rapid Basic Skills Development

Accelerated Learning Lab (ALL) combines unique instructional design, individualized, prescriptive assessment systems, and easy-to-use student management tools to provide a powerful basic skills system that ensures consistent student success. This program is designed specifically for struggling adult and older youth learners in basic education or high school equivalency, beginning at the 5th grade reading level.

Over 300 Specially Designed, Self-Pace Tutorials
Across 8 Self-Contained Subject Areas

Reading Lesson Sample


Vocabulary Skills
Comprehension Skills
Abbreviations and Contractions
Research and Reference Skills
Forms and Consumer Applications
Literary Skills
Passages (5th-HSE)


Grammatically Correct Sentences Structurally Correct Sentences
Information in Logical Order
Messages and Letters
Application Forms
Capitalization and Punctuation
Proofreading and Dictionaries

The ALL curriculum includes over 300 tutorial lessons across all core subject areas that can be mixed and matched as needed for each student.


Grammatically Correct Writing
Clear and Concise Writing
Sentence Combining
Competent Writing Voice
The Writing Process (Composition)


Basic Spelling

Advanced Spelling

Lessons are presented in the appropriate context for the target learner, based on real-life situations.

Basic Math

Whole and Decimal Numbers
Fractions and Equivalency
Statistics and Probability
Consumer Applications
Measurement and Data

Advanced Math

Equations and Graphing
Polynomial and Quadratic Equations
Sets and Calculators

A self-paced, personalized learning path through Accelerated Learning Lab helps students to see and feel learning success in many small, achievable steps.


Scientific Thinking
Scientific Process
Life Science
Earth and Space Science

Social Studies

World Geography
U.S. Geography
World History
U.S. History
Civics and Government

Prescriptive, Individualized Instruction

ALL incorporates criterion-referenced, prescriptive Pretest and Posttest by subject area and standard. This in-depth diagnostic indicates specific skill competencies and deficits of each student. A Pretest performance can be used to compile an individualized Study Schedule that can be easily adjusted, works well when complemented with alternative instructional materials, and allows for maximum flexibility. Curricular objectives are closely correlated with all major tests and standards including CCRS, TABE, CASAS, and major HSE tests including GED, HiSET, and TASC.

Multi-level Assessment Resources

Each lesson objective is connected to 30 additional test items, which reference lesson sub-skills and ranges of instructional frames. One 10-item Practice Test and two forms (A/B) of reproducible Mastery Test are included with each lesson. The Pace Mastery Learning process guides students in manageable steps and steadily moves them in the right direction.

How does it work? Read an excerpt from the Instructor’s Guide for the “Reading System” to learn how a Pace System works.

Review the TABE Test Translation to see how to easily match Pace lesson materials to “TABE Skills” on a student’s Individual Profile Report.

*Download program documentation, including the Scope and Sequence and correlations to standardized tests and frameworks such as TABE 11/12, from the customer resources page.

Need Assistance? Contact: Clint Massey, (205) 535-9759 (c.)

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