Pace has a passion for student success. Since 1977, we have directed our resources to designing learning systems that reach overlooked, and so-called “”unteachable”” students. Each student has a unique set of instructional needs. What students know, and what they need to learn to be successful in life, is as individual as each of your students.

We have learned, and proven, that even at-risk students will take responsibility for their learning, when they experience quick success and the opportunity to learn at their own pace. At Pace Learning Systems, creating success is what we do, and what we believe in.

Pace systems are designed to help you ensure that a student’s educational path, content, instruction, and schedule can be personalized to meet his or her unique needs. This educational path meets your students where they are and helps them achieve their potential through a wide range of resources and strategies appropriate for their learning style, abilities, and interests, as well as their social, emotional, and physical situation.ย We believe in positive reinforcement and its impact on student success. When students experience small, sequential successes they are motivated to continue learning. All of our programs are designed with that simple fact in mind.

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